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Birthdate:Feb 9
My PhotostreamMy cute little Spanish language soapbox blogWhy the heck not.
I apparently got so tired of having a boring profile, I spent an entire afternoon working on this one.I'm an accidental language teacher who enjoys what she does, but still wishes she were a travel journalist. Inspired by the line "there's more to see than can ever be seen", I've decided to try and see as much as possible, which means I'll most likely accept to go on a trip anywhere possible and try whatever activities and foods cross my way (interesting results on this one). So far this has gotten me very few regrets.

Other things I enjoy are music, movies, TV, writing, reading and photography, which explains several of the communities I'm a part of, be it as a regular poster or just your average lurker. I also enjoy talking to new people and getting to know them. I believe everyone is at least a little bit interesting ;)

Other than that, I'm a black belt (1st dan) in Tae Kwon Do, I have four dogs, I love cats but I'm too allergic to keep one around, I'm mostly team Aniston, even though I think Brangelina seem like nice enough people (and admire how involved they are with world issues), I love ice cream and chocolate, but not necessarily chocolate ice cream, will most likely never have anything bad to say about Bono and U2 I believe is the shittiest website/fanclub ever, I admire Kanye West's lack of self-consciousness (in a good way) I feel bad for Kanye, as he kind of deserves being called a douche all over, I love love love love Muse and would consider traveling anywhere in the world to see them play, except I wouldn't actually do it since it's crazy expensive and they have a weird fanbase, said the U2 fan, I love most chick flicks and hate most Jim Carrey movies, except for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, since it is sort of a chick flick, plus Mark Ruffalo's in it.

I also love handbags, watches, cocktails, sunglasses and iPods, and would not be able to pick a VW Passat out of a fancy car lineup. I'm the girliest girl ever.

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