My 101 list

Apr. 8th, 2013 12:15 am
Since I started compiling it on July 12, I only have 990 days left according to DayZeroProject. It's all good, though, since I've already started work on some of the ones I came up with first.

101 goals, organized in questionable categories ) 

I'm excited about my list. I do wonder just how much of it is more wishful thinking than actual goals, but at least the charity of my choice will reap benefits from my inability to compile a list of proper projects, haha.
 I can't believe it's been over six months since I started with the 101 list :O

Pumpkin spice cupcakes

Glorious morning muffins
January :
Gorilla Bread
Fruit tarte
Mango mousse
Lime/raspberry mousse

Recipes under cutsGorilla Bread )

Mango mousse.
Well, it's the dead of summer (yes) in my corner of the world, so I decided to finally get around to a mango mousse recipe I'd been meaning to try since before the procedure.  I figured it would be a nice cool dessert and a departure from what I usually make, which my parents have complained is making us all very fat (my answer to that is "It's not my fault you don't exercise and I'm not allowed to yet").  
Besides, a) it was super easy to make, and b) it's mango season and there were like 10 lb of them in the fridge.

It wasn't as cool as I hoped (though, to be fair, nothing is in this weather), but it was pretty good, and the raspberries gave it a nice tangy touch.  It was at least somewhat better than most of the pictures I took of it, heh.
58 days have passed, 943 to go, and this is what I've accomplished so far: 

Cut for pictures )

Eh, I guess I need to work a little harder?

Look at it: isn't it pretty? I bought the cookbook because of that specific recipe.  It looks delicious, and by taking a quick look at the recipe, it seems like the simplest thing to make.  It actually is!  The problem is I NEVER read a recipe that was so ridiculously vague and incomplete, and just plain random.  The final product was yummy, though as my friend Pedro said, it's not something you want to look at for long before you eat it.  And since they didn't really have a name in the book, I named them "The Baby Waterloos"

This is what they looked like in real life:
Recipe and picture under the cut )

Again, it's a good recipe, but there has to be a better way to make the berry sauce, since I promise the amount of berries that fit in a small pot, along with a glass of water and a tsp of sugar, will not caramelize if your life depends on it.



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